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Chapter 6. Exploring Reports > Creating a Group of Controls

Creating a Group of Controls

Access 2002 has the capability to group controls. This is handy for several reasons. You don’t have to continue to select and reselect groups of controls. Now you can group them so that they can be moved, sized, and formatted as a group. They remain grouped even after you exit (providing that you save the report) and reopen the report.

While in the Music Store database, open the Invoice Practice report in Design view. Cursor or mouse-click down until you see the Sub Total, Tax, and Total labels.

Click the Sub Total text box to the right of the Sub Total label. Hold the Shift key down, and click the Tax and Total text boxes.

Choose Format, Group.

Notice that the labels are surrounded by a box. This box can be moved, sized, and formatted. The group box will not be printed from your printer or in Print Preview mode.

Click the Font/Fore Color drop-down box on the toolbar. Choose the red color and watch the fonts change.

Click off the group box and then click back on it. The box seems to disappear but returns when you click it again. However, you can still click the individual text boxes within the group and format them individually.

With your mouse, place the cursor around the bottom of the box until the open hand cursor appears.

Click, hold, and drag the group box to the left of the Sub Total, Tax, and Total labels and drop it. Notice how three text boxes move as a group.

Click the Undo button once to reverse your changes.

Close the report and then close the database.



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