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Chapter 16. Working with Simple Reports ... > Using Access's Report Windows

Using Access's Report Windows

The windows that you use to design and run Access reports are easier to use than the windows that you use for other basic Access functions. To open an existing Access report, such as the rptInventoryByCategory report you just created and closed, click the Reports shortcut in the Database window and then select a report name from the Database window. If you click the Design button or the New button to create a new report, the Design view toolbar appears with the buttons listed in Table 16.1.

Table 16.1. Access-Specific Toolbar Buttons in Report Design Mode
Button Menu Choice Function
View, Print Preview or File, Print Preview Selects Print Preview to display how your report appears when printed. You can print the report from the Print Preview window.
Not applicable Prints the report without displaying the Print dialog. Access prints the report using the current printer settings.
Insert, Hyperlink Inserts a new Hyperlink control or allows you to edit an existing Hyperlink control.
View, Field List Displays a list of fields in the query or table that is the main report's data source.
View, Toolbox Displays or closes the toolbox.
View, Sorting Grouping Displays the Sorting and Grouping dialog in which you can establish the structure of reports and the order in which the report presents the data.
Format, AutoFormat Applies your choice of several predefined reportformats, including formatting for the text fonts and color settings.
View, Code Opens the VBA Editor window in which you can edit event-handling code.
View, Properties Displays the Properties window for the entire report, the sections of the report when you click the section divider bars, or the properties of a control when a control is selected.
Not applicable Displays a Build Wizard for the selected object or property in the report. This button is enabled only if Access has a Builder for the selected item.
Window, 1 Database Displays the Database window.
Not applicable Creates a new object. Click the arrow to the right of this button to see a drop-down list of objects that you can create.
Help, Microsoft Access Help Opens the Microsoft Help Access Help Window to the Answer Wizard page.



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