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Chapter 12. Working with PivotTable and ... > Setting PivotTable Property Values

Setting PivotTable Property Values

The Commands and Options dialog has four pages of PivotTable property settings for active elements. Right-click a field, and choose Properties to open the dialog. Following are brief descriptions of the purpose of each page:

  • Format— Lets you select a field name, and select the font name, size, color, attributes (bold, italic, underlined), and justification (left, right, and centered). You also can set the background color, column width, and sort the column or row in ascending (default) or descending order. The value in the Select list determines the field to which properties you set in the Filter and Group and Captions pages applies (see Figure 12.19, left).

  • Filter and Group— Enables customer top/bottom value filtering of the field you select on the Format page. If you have ungrouped items in a field, you can use the Grouping controls to aggregate them (see Figure 12.19, right).

    Figure 12.19. The Format (left) page's Select value determines the field to which the settings of the Filter and Group (right) and Captions pages apply.

  • Captions— Lets you change the caption for the field you selected in the Format page. For example, you can change Sum of Orders caption to All Orders, Order ID to Number, and Order Date to Date. The captions page also has a list of uninteresting property values (see Figure 12.20, left).

  • Behavior— Options apply to the entire PivotTable. You can hide the Show/Hide Details buttons of fields and the drop zones. In the case of the PivotTable of the sample query, you can hide the Filter Fields drop zone, because there is no suitable field available to drop in the zone. PivotTable views of tables and queries don't have a title bar or built-in toolbar, so two of the check boxes are disabled (see Figure 12.20, right). PivotTable view of forms have a title bar. When you add PivotTables to DAP, the title bar and toolbar appear in Design view and in the browser, unless otherwise specified.

    Figure 12.20. The most important feature of the Captions page (left) is the ability to change the caption of any PivotTable field. The options you set in the Behavior page (right) apply to all fields.

  • Report— These options also apply to the entire PivotTable. The Report page only appears when you right-click an empty region of the PivotTable. The most important options are Always Display Empty Rows and Empty Columns. Marking either of these check boxes generates a row or column, regardless of whether a value is present. Accept the default options, unless you have a good reason to do otherwise.



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