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Link Expression Errors

Q1:Attempting to create a link between the main report and subreport causes a “Can't evaluate expression” error message.
A1: The most likely cause is that you are trying to create a master-child (or, more properly, parent-child) link with an incompatible data type. Parent-child linkages are similar to joins of queries that use the WHERESubreportName.FieldName =ReportName.FieldName criterion. As with joins, the data types of the linked fields of tables or columns of queries must be identical. You can't, for example, link a field of the Text data type with a field of the Integer data type, even if your text field contains only numbers. If you use an expression to create the link, the data type that the expression returns must match the field value. You can use the data type conversion functions described in Chapter 10 to change the data type that the expression returns to that of the linked field. For example, you can link a text field that contains numbers to a field of the Long Integer data type by entering =CLng(TextField) as the linking value.

Report Snapshots Won't Open

Q1:Selecting the Open It option in the Opening Mail Attachment dialog results in a “The Managed Software Installer failed to install the program associated with this file” or similar error message.
A1: The most likely cause of this error is that SnapView.exe is missing from your or the recipient's PC. In this case, open Control Panel, and double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon to open the Add/Remove Programs dialog. Select Microsoft Office XP, and click Add/Remove to open the Microsoft Office Maintenance Mode dialog. Click Change to open the installer's Microsoft Office XP Setup dialog, and select the Add or Remove Features option. Click Next and expand the Microsoft Access for Windows node, set Snapshot Viewer to Run from My Computer, and click Update.


The Snapshot Viewer hasn't changed since the version supplied as an Access 97 add-in. Prior versions of the Snapshot viewer are compatible with Access 2002 reports.

If Snapview.exe is present, you have a Registry problem—the association between the .snp file extension and SnapView.exe is missing. In this case, repeat the preceding Add/Remove Programs process to enter Office 2000 Maintenance Mode, but click the Repair Office button instead of the Add or Remove Features button.



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