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Chapter 16. Working with Hyperlinks and ... > Using Hyperlinks with Access Control...

Using Hyperlinks with Access Controls

You can use hyperlinks with Access controls such as command buttons, combo boxes, and labels to jump to another document or open an object within the current or another Access database. Control-based hyperlinks can substitute for switchboard forms. To create a form with a command button to open Northwind.mdb's Orders form with a hyperlink, follow these steps:

  1. Open Northwind.mdb, if necessary, and create a new form in Design view.

  2. Disable the Control Wizards and add a command button to the form.

  3. With the command button selected, click the Properties toolbar button to open the Properties window and click the Format tab.

  4. In the Caption property text box, type Open Orders Form to create the display text component of the hyperlink.

  5. Leave the Hyperlink Address property text box empty, specifying that the object you want to open is in the current database.

  6. Select the Hyperlink Subaddress property text box and click the Builder button to open the Insert Hyperlink dialog.

  7. Click the Object in This Database button, expand the Forms node, select the Orders form, and then click OK. Form Orders appears in the Hyperlink Subaddress property text box, and the command button's caption appears underlined in blue type (see Figure 16.24).

  8. Change to Form view and click the command button to open the Orders form.

  9. Close, but don't save, your test form.



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