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Chapter 10. Creating Multitable and Cros... > Creating Queries from Tables in Othe...

Creating Queries from Tables in Other Databases

Access's Query Properties window includes two properties that let you create a query based on tables contained in a database other than the current database. Access calls the database that you open after you launch Access the current database. Databases other than the current database commonly are called external databases. The use of these two properties is as follows:

  • The value of the Source Database property for desktop databases is the path to the external database and, for Jet databases, the name of the database file. To run a query against tables contained in the Beckwith.mdb sample database from the accompanying CD-ROM, replace (current) in the Source Database text box with the following, as shown in Figure 10.66:


    You must have installed the sample files from the CD-ROM in the default C:\Seua2k folder for this connection string to work.

    Figure 10.66. Setting the Source Database property for a query against an external database.

  • The value of the Source Connect Str property also depends on the type of external database being used. If your external Access database is not secure, leave the Source Connect Str text box empty; otherwise, type UID=UserID;PWD=Password to specify the user ID and password needed to open the external database. For other desktop databases, you type the product name, such as Paradox 3.5 or dBASE IV. ODBC data sources require the complete ODBC connect string.



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