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Chapter 1. Access 2000 for Access 95 and... > Installing and Configuring the Micro...

Installing and Configuring the Microsoft Data Engine

Installation of MSDE isn't integrated with the Office 2000 Setup application, because MSDE uses the SQL Server 7.0 installer. Installing MSDE requires a minimum of about 55MB of free disk space, and you should have at least 100MB of free space to provide 45MB or more for the SQL Server data and log files you add.

  1. With the Office 2000 distribution CD1 installed, navigate to the \Sql\X86\Setup folder and double-click the Setupsql.exe item to launch the MSDE Welcome dialog.

    If you're installing MSDE on Windows NT Workstation, you have the option of remote or local installation of MSDE prior to opening of the Welcome dialog.

  2. Click Next to open the User Information dialog. Accept the default Name and Company entries from your prior Office 2000 installation unless you have a reason to make changes.

  3. Click Next to display the Setup Type dialog (see Figure 1.22). You can install the SQL Server operating files (about 25MB) and data files (about 20MB) on any local logical drive you choose; click the Browse button(s) to select a different drive, folder, or both. If you have sufficient space on your C:\ drive, accept the defaults.

    Figure 1.22. Specifying the location of MSDE operating and data files.

  4. Click Next to open the Character Set/Sort Order/Unicode Collation dialog (see Figure 1.23). The 1252/ISO Character Set is the standard for the Americas and Western European countries, dictionary order (case-insensitive) is the most common non-Unicode sort order, and General Unicode is the appropriate locale for US English and many other languages (click Help for a General Unicode language list.) UK English, French, Spanish Modern, and Portuguese locales are available for Canada, Mexico, and the South American countries. Accept the default Unicode collation selection Case-insensitive, Width-insensitive, and Kana-insensitive.

    Figure 1.23. Setting sort order for non-Unicode and collation order for Unicode text fields.

  5. Click Next to show the Network Libraries dialog (see Figure 1.24). TCP/IP Sockets is the standard communication protocol, and Port 1433 is the default port for SQL Server 7.0.

    Figure 1.24. Specifying in Windows 9x the Network Libraries used to connect to remote MSDE and SQL Server installations.


    Windows 9x doesn't support Named Pipes; if you're installing on Windows NT 4+ Workstation, you can add the Named Protocol if necessary. If you plan to share your MSDE databases with other members of a workgroup connected by NetWare, mark the NWLink IPX/SPX check box and enter the name of the server providing the Novell Bindery service.

  6. Click Next to open the Start Copying Files dialog; then click Next again to begin the MSDE installation process. After a couple of minutes, the Setup Complete dialog appears. Click Finish to complete the setup process.

    When installing under Windows NT Workstation or Server if the Services Accounts dialog opens prior to the Start Copying Files dialog, accept the defaults, and click Next.



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