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Chapter 16. Working with Hyperlinks and ... > Specifying Internet Uniform Resource...

Specifying Internet Uniform Resource Locators

Internet Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) consist of an abbreviation for a protocol that defines the type of object (usually a document) and the location (address) of the desired object on the Internet or an intranet. In most cases, the protocol and the address are separated by two virgules (forward slashes) and a colon, as in http://www.microsoft.com or ftp://ftp.microsoft.com. Access 97 hyperlinks support the http (Hypertext Transport Protocol) and ftp URL prefixes with IE 3.0 and other Web browsers. Access 97's Hyperlink fields recognize the URL prefixes listed in Table 16.1. You need the appropriate software installed and registered on your PC to use prefixes other than http and ftp.

Table 16.1. URL Prefixes Recognized by Access 97 Hyperlink Fields
URL PrefixProtocol NameDescription of Protocol
cidCompuServe InformationAttempts to create a connection with Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) to the Dialer (CID) Internet by using the CompuServe dialer
fileFileOpens a file specified by a fully qualified path and file name
ftpFile TransferTransfers files stored on an FTP server
gopherGopherObtains information from a Gopher server
httpHypertext TransferOpens a Web page
httpsHypertext Transfer with SecurityAttempts to open a connection to a Web page with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption
mailtoElectronic mailSends a message via your preferred e-mail program by using the mailto:mailbox@domainname URL format
midMusical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)Uses your audio adapter card to play .mid files
mmsMicrosoft Media Server (MMS)Plays streaming media files (such as .asf files)
msnMicrosoft NetworkJumps to a location on The Microsoft Network
newsNews protocolStarts your news reader program for the specified news group by using the news:newsgroupname URL format
nntpNetwork News TransferSame as news, but uses the conventional nntp://newsgroupname URL format
pnmRealAudio protocolUses your audio adapter card to play Progressive Networks' RealAudio files
prosperoProsperoAccesses the Prospero distributed file system for UNIX hosts
rloginTerminal loginTries to start an Rlogin terminal emulation program on a UNIX host
telnetTerminal emulationTries to start a Telnet terminal emulation program with a UNIX host
tn3270IBM 3270 terminal emulationTries to start an IBM 3270 terminal emulation program
waisWide Area Information ServersConnects to a WAIS search services database



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