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Part 7: Programming and Converting Acces... > Working with Recordsets and Native C... - Pg. 1055

1055 Chapter 30. Working with Recordsets and Native Controls Chapter 27, "Understanding the Data Access Object Class," introduced you to Jet Recordset objects created from tables and queries. The ability to manipulate Recordset objects with VBA is one of Access's most powerful programming features. This chapter shows you how to combine VBA, Recordset objects, and Access's native combo and list box controls to optimize the performance of decision support and online transaction processing (OLTP) applications, especially in a multiuser environment. Native controls consist of the set of control objects that are incorporated within Access 97 or supplied as common components of Microsoft Office 97. Microsoft Office contributes the CommandBar ob- jects contained in Mso97.dll and the Graph object contributed by Graph8.exe, an Automation server.