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Chapter 14. Printing Basic Reports and M... > Differences and Similarities Between...

Differences and Similarities Between Forms and Reports

Most methods of creating transaction-processing forms, which you learned about in Chapter 11, "Using Action Queries," and Chapter 12, "Creating and Using Forms," also apply to reports. The following list details the principal differences between reports and forms:

  • Reports are intended for printing only and, unlike forms, aren't designed for display in a window. When you view an 8 1/2×11-inch report in Print Preview, its content is not legible. In the zoomed (full-page) view, only a portion of the report is visible in the Print Preview window.

  • You cannot change the value of the underlying data for a report with a control object from the toolbox as you can with forms. With reports, Access disregards user input from option buttons, check boxes, and the like. You can use these controls, however, to indicate the status of Yes/No option buttons, check boxes, and fields with values derived from multiple-choice lists.

  • Reports do not provide a Datasheet view. Only Print Preview and Report Design views are available.

  • You can create an unbound report that isn't linked to a source of data. Unbound reports are used as "containers" for individual subreports that use unrelated data sources.

  • The Printer Setup dialog controls the minimum left, right, top, and bottom printing margins of reports. If a report is less than the printable page width, the report's design determines the right margin. You can increase the left margin over the default setting by positioning the print fields to the right of the display's left margin.

  • In multicolumn reports, the number of columns, the column width, and the column spacing are controlled by settings in the Printer Setup dialog, not by controls that you add or properties that you set in Design mode.



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