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Chapter 32. Migrating Access 2.0 and Acc... > Converting Access 95 Databases to Ac...

Converting Access 95 Databases to Access 97 Format

The binary structures of Access 95 and 97 files are quite similar, so conversion issues between Access 95 and 97 applications are fewer than those between Access 2.0 and 95. Following are the most common issues you might encounter when upgrading your Access 95 .mdbs to Access 97:

  • Access 97 converts all DoCmd.DoMenuItem statements to DoCmd.RunCommand statements. Access 97 also performs this conversion for DoMenuItem actions in macros. Problems may occur in the conversion of custom toolbars and, to a lesser degree, custom menus created in Access 95 to CommandBar objects. If conversion problems occur, you must rebuild or repair your custom toolbars and menus in Access 97.

  • Access 97 can't open a database replica created in Access 95. You must convert the Design Master and replicas to Access 97 format.

  • To improve performance, many optional parameters of Access VBA methods are strongly-typed in Access 97, meaning that use of the Variant data type is not allowed. You receive a Data Type Mismatch error when the VBA 5.0 interpreter encounters such parameters. Use the Object Browser to determine the required data type.

  • A few error codes have changed. If you use numeric error code values in error-handling routines, you might need to change the numeric values.

  • Access 95's DAO 3.0 caused SQL statements that modify data to execute as implicit transactions. Using the dbFailOnError constant caused failed SQL operations to be rolled back. To improve performance, DAO 3.5 no longer provides implicit transactions. Use the BeginTrans, CommitTrans, and Rollback methods to create explicit transactions in your VBA 5.0 code.



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