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Chapter 7. Linking, Importing, and Expor... > Using the Clipboard to Import Data

Using the Clipboard to Import Data

If another Windows application generates the data you want to import, you can use the Windows Clipboard to transfer the data without creating a file. This technique is useful for making corrections to a single record with many fields or for appending new records to a table. This process requires a table with the proper field structure so that you can paste the data copied to the Clipboard into the other application. Pasting rows from an Excel spreadsheet, for example, requires a table with fields containing data types that correspond to those of each column that you copy to the Clipboard. Other Windows applications that can copy tabular data to the Clipboard use similar techniques.

Pasting New Records to a Table

To import data from the Clipboard and then append the data to an existing table or table structure, use the following procedure:

Open the application you are using to copy the data to the Clipboard—in this case, Microsoft Excel. Then, open the file that contains the data.

Select the range to be appended to the table (see Figure 7.52). The Excel columns you select must start with the column that corresponds to the first field of your Access table. You do not, however, need to copy all the columns that correspond to fields in your table. Access supplies blank values in the columns of your appended records that are not included in your Excel range. Remember that if any of the columns you select contain formulas, the values must be frozen.

Figure 7.52. Selecting cells in Excel to be appended to an Access table by copying to the Clipboard.

To copy the selected cells to the Clipboard, press Ctrl+C or choose Edit, Copy.

Launch Access (if necessary) and open the table to which you are appending the records in Datasheet view.

Choose Edit, Paste Append in Access. If no errors occur during the pasting process, a message box reports how many new records you are about to add (see Figure 7.53). Click Yes. The records are appended to the bottom of your Access table (see Figure 7.54). Choose Records, Remove Filter/Sort to place the appended records in the correct order.



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