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Part 8: Appendixes > Naming Conventions for Access Objects and Variables - Pg. 1175

1175 Appendix B. Naming Conventions for Access Objects and Variables By Stan Leszynski, Leszynski Company, Inc., and Kwery Corporation This appendix describes the Leszynski Naming Conventions (LNC), a set of standardized ap- proaches to naming objects during Access development. These naming conventions were born of necessity, because some members of the staff of my firm spend all day in Access development, year after year. They were also born of a different need--a void that existed in the marketplace due to a lack of consensus about development styles among leading Access developers. I am grateful to Greg Reddick, a former contractor with one of my companies, for jointly authoring the Access 1.x and 2.0 versions of our Access naming conventions with me (referred to as L/R for Leszynski/Reddick). The L/R conventions were distributed broadly, with more than 500,000 copies in print, and have become the most widely used such conventions in the Access community. During the last few years, we have received feedback about L/R from hundreds of developers and com-