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Using the Image Control

Versions of Access prior to Access 95 required use of object frames to contain bitmapped images. Access 95 and 97 add the image control—similar to the image control of Visual Basic 4.0—to display bitmap (.bmp), device-independent bitmap (.dib), and Windows Metafile Format (.wmf) or enhanced metafile (.emf) vector images in forms and reports. To substitute the image control for the unbound object frame of your Personnel Actions Entry form, follow these steps:

Open frmPersonnelActions in Design view and select the logo. Press Delete to delete the unbound object frame from the form.

Click the Image button of the toolbox and draw the image control to the same dimensions as the deleted unbound object frame. The Insert Picture dialog appears.

Maneuver to the folder in which you stored the Nwind.bmp file you created with Paint in the section Creating a New Logo for Your Personnel Actions Form earlier in this chapter (see Figure 19.17). If you like another image better, you can substitute its .bmp file in this example.

Double-click Nwind.bmp or select Nwind.bmp and click OK. Your image control appears, as shown in Figure 19.18. Unlike object frames, image controls by default center clipped images in their frame. Image frames have a Picture Alignment property that lets you choose how the image is aligned.

Image controls have default Special Effect, Border Style, and Back Color properties that are suitable for adding logos to forms. Thus, you need only change the Size Mode property of the image control to Zoom. Figure 19.19 shows the result of the preceding steps in Form view.

Figure 19.17. Selecting the Nwind.bmp file created earlier in the chapter for the image control.

Figure 19.18. The clipped Northwind logo in an image frame.



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