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Chapter 16. Working with XML Data in Acc... > Presenting XML Data with Access - Pg. 579

Working with XML Data in Access 579 Ideally, the presentation of the XML data would be similar to the way you'd view the data in an Access table. Of course, there are many other ways we might want to view the data, but for a simple view of what is in an Access table, the default row-column view will suit just fine. Handily, that's exactly how Access formats the presentation when exporting to XML. We'll explore this first by looking at the end result and then by examining the way that Access got there. To view the formatted XML data, find the CampaignExpenses.htm file, which is located in the same folder as CampaignExpenses.xml. When you double-click the .htm file in Internet Explorer, you'll see the data from the CampaignExpenses table laid out in rows and columns just as it would be in an Access table, as shown in the following illustration.