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Chapter 16. Working with XML Data in Acc... > Exporting an Access Table to an XML ... - Pg. 568

Working with XML Data in Access 5. Select the path to which you want to save the .xml files, and click Export All. You will be presented with the following dialog box: 568 6. This option box will allow you to configure the XML output. We'll look at what the More Options button allows us to do later in this chapter. For now, we'll go with the default settings. Also, we'll discuss XSLs in the section "Presenting XML Data with Access," later in this chapter, but we still want Access to export the XSL, so select the Presentation Of Your Data (XSL) check box. You can leave the other two checkboxes checked. Open the folder to which you exported the XML data. You should see four files that Access created from your table: CampaignExpenses.htm, Campaign- Expenses.xml, CampaignExpenses.xsd, and CampaignExpenses.xsl. The .htm and .xsl files have to do with presentation; we'll look more closely at those in a moment. For now, let's focus on the .xml and .xsd files. The CampaignExpenses.xml file is the structured document that contains the same data that was in the CampaignExpenses table in the Access database. Open the .xml file in Notepad to view the contents of the file.