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Chapter 17. Using Visual Basic to Manage... > Creating a Custom Report Feature - Pg. 586

586 Chapter 17. Using Visual Basic to Manage Data In this chapter, you will learn how to: · Create a custom report feature · Use Visual Basic to work with Access data in other Microsoft Office applications, including Mi- crosoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint · Work with recordsets using ADO As the requirements of an Access database increase and change--as more people want to make use of the data the database stores for a greater number of purposes--using Visual Basic to perform database tasks adds flexibility to the ways in which users of the database can view and manage data. The time required to plan and write Visual Basic procedures--plus the time required to test the code and debug any mistakes--is offset by the time saved in providing yourself and others with easily produced customized views of the data and by being able to reuse the data in different ap- plications for a varied number of reasons.