Using Visual Basic to Manage Data 2. 613 Using the ADO object model, open a connection to the HelloWorld17 database from a different Access database. Open a recordset based on the MarketingCampaigns table, and then up- date the campaign budget in each record by 15 percent. (You can find an example of the code that performs this operation in the file UpdateBudget.mdb in the Chap 17 folder.) Before you run the procedure, check the MarketingCampaigns table so that you know the original budget amounts and can then confirm that the updates were successful. After you complete this chapter: · You should have a better understanding of situations in which you can use Visual Basic to help manage and present data, including how to use the data you store in an Access database in other Microsoft Office applications. You've also gained more experience using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to work with data in Access.