Understanding Access Projects Q2: A2: Q3: A3: 536 I'm running a query in an Access project, but I don't see all the re- cords I expected to see. What's up? The Maximum Records Allowed property is probably set too low. Can I use the Expression Builder in an Access project? No, the Expression Builder is not one of the standard Access tools available when you're working with an Access project. You can, however, still use tools such as the Form Wizard, the Report Wiz- ard, or the Input Mask Wizard (among many others). In a standard Access database, you can create a relationship be- tween two tables for the purposes of a query. Can I do the same thing in an Access project? Yes, you can create the relationship by dragging the linking field to the matching field in the other table. Q4: A4: On Your Own Here are some exercises you can perform on your own to learn more about Access projects. You can use the tables and sample data in the file HelloWorld14.adp. After you complete this chapter: · You can learn more about how to use Access with other Microsoft Office 2003 applications in Chapter 15, "Integration with Office 2003 and SharePoint Team Services."