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Chapter 14. Understanding Access Project... > Upsizing an Access Database to SQL S... - Pg. 503

Understanding Access Projects 503 Just the Steps Set up SQL Server 2000 Database Engine 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Start Access. You don't need to open a database. Click Help, Sample Databases, Northwind Sample Access Project. If you see a message box indicating that the program isn't installed, continue with the steps listed here. Insert the Office 2003 CD. Open the folder named MSDE, and then Double-click the file Msde2ks3.exe. After the setup files have been copied to your computer, open the folder C:\sql2ksp3 (the default location), and open the folder MSDE. On the Start menu, click Run. Enter CMD in the Run dialog box to open the command window. In the command window, enter the following commands to set up the Desktop Engine for the first time: CD \sql2ksp3\msde [setoff line] Setup.exe SAPWD ="Enter your own password" 8. After installation is complete, close the command window, and restart Windows. Upsizing an Access Database to SQL Server One of the procedures you can follow when you start working with an Access project is to convert (or upsize ) an Access database to a SQL Server database. The Upsizing Wizard helps you with a portion of the work involved. The wizard converts an Access .mdb file to a project file (.adp) and links the database's tables to a SQL Server database. The wizard also converts most of the queries in the Access database to SQL Server database objects known as stored procedures and views . (We'll describe stored procedures and views, which perform operations similar to those performed