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Chapter 14. Understanding Access Project... > Upsizing an Access Database to SQL S... - Pg. 504

Understanding Access Projects 504 Upsizing hidden tables If you have hidden tables that you want to upsize, be sure to make them visible, because hidden tables aren't upsized. To make a hidden table visible, click Tools, Options, and then select the Hidden Objects option on the View tab. (In the Database window, the icon for a hidden table is dimmed.) Right-click the hidden table, select Properties, and clear the check box labeled Hidden. In the steps that follow, we'll upsize a version of the HelloWorld database. Run the Upsizing Wizard 1. Open the HelloWorld14.mdb file, located in the Chap14 folder where you copied the sample files for this book. This file is a version of the HelloWorld database that we'll use to demonstrate the steps re- quired to upsize an Access database. The file HelloWorld14.mdb contains a subset of the tables and other database objects we've worked with in previous chapters. Also, the tables are not linked tables, but are included in the single .mdb file. We created this version so that the process of upsizing the database won't take as long. If you are upsizing an Access data- base that contains many database objects, upsizing can take several minutes or longer. On the Tools menu, click Tools, Database Utilities, Upsizing Wizard. You'll see the first screen of the Upsizing Wizard, shown here: 2.