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Chapter 14. Understanding Access Project... > Setting Up the SQL Server Database E... - Pg. 502

Understanding Access Projects 502 9. CD \sql2ksp3\msde Type the following command providing the password you want to use, and then press Enter again: Setup.exe SAPWD ="Enter your own password" If you are upgrading the Desktop Engine from the version you installed with Microsoft Office XP or Access 2002, use the command Setup.exe /upgradesp setup\s. 10. You'll see a series of message boxes as the Desktop Engine is installed. After installation is complete, close the command window, and then restart Windows. You can delete the files in the folder C:\sql2ksp3 when you have finished. After you restart Windows, you'll see an icon for the SQL Server Manager in the icon tray in the Windows taskbar, as shown here: When the SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine is installed on computers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, or Windows NT, it uses Windows NT Authentication. (This feature is also known as integrated security .) When a user connects to the SQL Server database through a Microsoft Access project, the connection is enabled through the user's Windows user account. SQL Server verifies that the user name and password were validated when the user logged on to the system and allows access to the database without requiring another logon name or password. Integrated security requires that a user be a member of the administrator group for the computer