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Chapter 14. Understanding Access Project... > Setting Up the SQL Server Database E... - Pg. 501

Understanding Access Projects 501 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. If you do have the SQL Server Desktop Engine installed (or another version of SQL Server), you'll see a message box asking whether you want to install the NorthwindCS sample data- base. Assuming you don't have a version of SQL Server installed, click Cancel in the message box shown above, and then close the Northwind project. Insert the Office 2003 CD (or open the network folder where the Office setup files are stored), and then open the folder named MSDE2000. Double-click the file named Msde2ks3.exe. The file Msde2ks3.exe is a self-extracting program that will copy the SQL Server Desktop Engine setup files to your computer. By default, the files are copied to a folder named C: \sql2ksp3. Click Finish in the Installation Folder dialog box. After the files have been copied, open the folder you used to store the files, and then open the subfolder named MSDE. To set up the SQL Server Desktop Engine, you need to use a command line and provide a switch when you run Setup.exe. (A command-line switch is similar to an argument for a func- tion.) The command-line switch you enter sets a password for a special user account. You can use this account instead of a regular Windows user name and password to provide access to a SQL Server database. You'll learn more about this account later in this section. On the Start menu, click Run. Enter CMD in the Run dialog box, and then click OK. You'll see the MS-DOS command window, shown here: 8. If you are installing SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine for the first time, type the following command, and then press Enter: