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Chapter 1. The HelloWorld Database > Using Events and Code - Pg. 23

The HelloWorld Database 23 7. 8. 9. The controls you add to a form, and the form itself, have properties--in the same way that tables, fields, and controls on a report have properties. You can use the properties to format a control (properties define the control's location on the form and its size, for example) and manage other parts of a form or control's behavior. Click the Format tab in the Properties window. For the Caption property, enter Display Greet- ings, and then press Enter. You can see that the text for the button's caption changes. Click the Other tab. For the Name property, enter cmdDisplayGreetings. Close the Properties window, and then click Form View on the View menu. This command switches the view of the form so that it's again ready for data entry and also lets you see the changes you made to the form's design. Your form should now look similar to the form shown here. (The size of the form and the position of the button might vary.)