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Chapter 1. The HelloWorld Database > Creating a Table - Pg. 7

The HelloWorld Database Data Type OLE Object Hyperlink Lookup Wizard Description Use to store objects such as Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, pictures, sounds, or data in file types that are created in other programs. Use for hyperlinks. A hyperlink can be a file path (such as C:\My Documents) or a Web address. Use to create a field that allows you to choose a value from another table or from a list of values using a combo box. Choosing this option in the data type list starts a wizard you use to define the lookup field for you. You'll learn more about lookup fields in Chapter 2. 7 The list of data types should also give you a sense of the types of information you can store in an Access database. Take the Hyperlink data type, for example. In a database used to track marketing materials, you could use a field with this data type to store links to the Web sites you use. In a database of customer information, you could store a link to each customer's Web site. Using the OLE Object data type, you could define a field in which to store image files or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Setting Field Properties Each field has a set of properties you can use to help manage a range of behaviors and other characteristics of the field. Field properties differ depending on the data type of the field. Some data types have a Format property. For a Date/Time field, the Format property lets you control the way dates appear, such as 6/16/03 or 16-June-03. You can use the Field Size property of a text field to specify the number of characters the field can contain. We'll review a number of field properties in more detail in Chapter 3. For now, let's set two properties for the Greeting field, the Field Size property and the Caption property. The Caption property is used to create a label for the field that's displayed when the field is placed on a form or a report.