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Chapter 1. The HelloWorld Database > Creating a Simple Query and Report - Pg. 17

The HelloWorld Database 17 4. 5. Notice that when you add the Greeting field to the report, Access adds a text box control to display data from the Greeting field and also adds a label for the text box. In this label, you can see the effect of having set the Caption property for the Greeting field earlier. The label reads Campaign Headline, the caption we specified when we set up the table. Click just the Campaign Headline label, and then drag the square handle displayed in the upper left corner of the label (the mouse pointer should appear as a hand with a pointing finger) until the label is above the text box for the Greeting field. Right-click the Greeting text box, and then click Properties on the shortcut menu. You'll see the Properties window, shown here: 6. Like tables and fields, the controls you use on reports and forms also have properties that you use to format the control (its height and width, for example) and manage how the control interacts with the data it displays. In the Properties window, click the Format tab. Scroll down the list to find the Font Size prop- erty. Take note of the variety of properties you can set for a text box. When you get to the Font Size property, click in the box and then select 18.