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Part II: The Database Application > Access and the Web - Pg. 412

412 Chapter 12. Access and the Web In this chapter, you will learn how to: · · · · Export data as HTML Create a data access page using the Page Wizard Work with a data access page in Design view Use the Office Web Components on a data access page Working with data over the Internet or an intranet has become a requirement for many computer applications, and Microsoft Access provides several means by which you can work with data in a Web browser. In this chapter, we'll describe how to export data from an Access database as HTML and also explain how to create and work with data access pages, another of the standard Access database objects, which are designed to display data over the Web. In Chapter 16, "Working with XML Data in Access", we'll cover how you can use XML to transfer and transform data between Access and a Web browser (in our example, Microsoft Internet Explorer).