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Part II: The Database Application > Designing Basic Forms - Pg. 226

226 Chapter 7. Designing Basic Forms In this chapter, you will learn how to: · Create a form using the Form Wizard or an AutoForm format · Use the sections of a form to display an image, a title, or a calculated field · Use form design tools to select, size, and align controls on a form; set the tab order for a form; and add a control to a form Day-to-day users of an Access database probably work with forms more often than with other types of database objects. A well-designed form--both its appearance and its function--is a valuable asset for a database application, whereas a poorly conceived and executed form can be a source of user frustration and inaccurate or incomplete data. Microsoft Access provides lots of assistance in the ways you can design and build forms, including the Form Wizard, tools in the form design environment, wizards that help you set up controls you add to a form, and form templates. To work through this chapter: