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Part II: The Database Application > Sorting, Filtering, and Retrieving Data - Pg. 194

194 Chapter 6. Sorting, Filtering, and Retrieving Data In this chapter, you will learn how to: · Sort table data in Datasheet view · Create and apply a filter to data in a table · Design a select query, use query criteria to select data, group and summarize records in a query, and use an expression to create a calculated field · Design a query in which you enter criteria at run time (called a parameter query ) · Create a query in Microsoft Visual Basic To analyze the data that's stored in a database--to turn data into information--you often begin by selecting a set of fields and records that you want to examine. Focusing on a set of records might require nothing more than sorting a recordset in alphabetical or chronological order, or it might involve entering an expression or other criteria to select the records--for example, you can use