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Chapter 2. The Basics of Database Design > Using the Table Wizard to Create the... - Pg. 59

The Basics of Database Design Prefix qry dap mod mcr Object Query Data access page Module Macro 59 When you are naming database objects in Access, remember the following restrictions: · A name can't be more than 64 characters. · A name can't include a period, an exclamation point, brackets, or a grave accent. · Names can't start with a space. · In a Microsoft Access project (an .adp file that's connected to a SQL Server database), names can't include a double quotation mark. The Leszynski-Reddick Naming Convention In 1993, Stan Leszynski and Greg Reddick developed a naming convention for Access objects, basing the convention on what's known as Hungarian notation. Their naming convention uses prefixes to identify all the various types of objects that an Access database can include. For more information about this naming con- vention, see Just the Steps Plan your database When you are planning a database, follow these steps: