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Chapter 6. Sorting, Filtering, and Retri... > Applying a Filter to Data in a Table - Pg. 199

Sorting, Filtering, and Retrieving Data 9. Close the table, and then click Yes to restore the sort order to its default. 199 Right-click to sort The Sort Ascending and Sort Descending commands are available on the shortcut menu when you right-click in a field in Datasheet view. A sort order that you save as part of a table's design is inherited by a form or report that's based on that table. Also, when you sort records, records with a Null value in the field you're sorting by appear first in ascending order (last in descending order), followed by any records that contain a zero-length string in the field. Just the Steps Sort records 1. 2. In the Database window, select the table (or query) that contains the records you want to sort, and then click Open. Click in the field you want to sort by, and then click the Sort Ascending or the Sort Descending button on the toolbar. To sort by more than one field, click in the column heading of the first field you want to sort by, and then drag right to select the other fields. To restore the previous sort order, click Remove Filter/Sort on the Records menu. If you want to save the sort order for the table, click Yes when you close the datasheet and are asked to save changes to the table's design. 3. 4.