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Chapter 6. Sorting, Filtering, and Retri... > Designing Select Queries - Pg. 214

Sorting, Filtering, and Retrieving Data 214 4. 5. 6. You can include a field in the query design grid but not display its value in the query's results by clearing the Show check box. Clearing the Show check box is useful in a situation in which you want to use a field for selection criteria but don't need to see the field's value in the results. Here, the results all include the same value for the CampaignID field, so seeing the ID number isn't required. In the Criteria row for the ExpenseType column, enter Travel. In the Criteria row under DatePurchased, enter Between #10/1/03# and #10/15/03#. On the toolbar, click Run to see the query results, which are shown here: