Presenting Data with Reports 378 Q&A Q1: I've created a chart that shows data from all the records in a report. I'd rather it show data from a specific record. Can I modify the chart to do this? Yes. Open the Properties dialog box for the chart, and click the Data tab. Set the Link Child Fields and Link Master Fields properties to a field that will link the chart to records in the report. I'm creating a set of mailing labels. Some of the street addresses have only one line, but others include two. How can I avoid blank lines in mailing labels? If you are using a single text box for the label, you could set the control's Can Shrink property to Yes. You could also use an ex- pression to test whether the second address field is blank. For ex- A1: Q2: A2: Q3: A3: ample, if you have fields named Address1 and Address2, use an expression such as the following: =[Address1] & IIf(IsNull([Ad- dress2]),"", Chr(13) & Chr(10) & [Address2]). If the Address2 field has no data (is Null), this expression skips to the next line, which is the purpose of the special characters Chr(13) and Chr(10) . If the field includes data, the expression returns the data in the field. I'm using lines in reports to set off information, but I'm having trouble keeping the lines straight. Hold down the Shift key as you draw the line. You won't see the line displayed as you draw it, but you'll get a straight line between the starting and ending points.