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Chapter 10. Presenting Data with Reports > Controlling Report Layouts with Prop... - Pg. 367

Presenting Data with Reports 367 A report such as CampaignSummary needs some finishing touches before it's complete. With the amount of data presented in this report, for example, you could use a Landscape page orientation rather than Portrait. You could also adjust the size of the page margins. (Choose Page Setup from the File menu to open the Page Setup dialog box, where you can make changes to the size and orientation of the page.) You might want to modify the design of the subreports. For instance, they include labels and fields that show the country name and the campaign ID=data that's required to link the subreports and the main report but that isn't necessary to display. You can delete unnec- essary labels and set the Visible property to No for controls you don't need to see. You might also want to adjust the spacing or position of controls on the subreports. To visually separate grouped data in the main report, you could add a line at the bottom of the group footer section. In the final version of the HelloWorld10 database, you'll find a copy of the CampaignSummary report that in- cludes modifications such as these. Just the Steps Add a subreport to a report 1. 2. 3. In the Database window, select the report, and then click Design. In the toolbox, click the Subform/Subreport tool, and then click in the report section where you want the subreport's data to be displayed. If you're using control wizards, follow the steps in the SubReport Wizard. If you're adding the subreport manually, right-click on the subreport control, click Properties, and then follow the rest of the steps de- scribed here. On the Data tab, click in the Source Object property, and then select the database object on which you want to base the subreport. (A subreport can be based on a table, query, or form or on another report.) Click in the Link Child Fields property, and then click the Build button. In the Subreport Field Linker dialog box, select the field or fields that will link the report and subreport, 4. 5. 6.