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Chapter 10. Presenting Data with Reports > Displaying Data in a Chart - Pg. 358

Presenting Data with Reports 358 Quick Check Q. Which property do you change if you want a report to show a different set of records or if you want to add selection criteria to a report? A. The report's Record Source property. Displaying Data in a Chart Numbers, dates, and monetary data can be presented in a report with one of the chart formats that Access provides. Charts show summarized data effectively and can complement and augment a table or column of facts and figures. By presenting data in a chart, you can often identify trends in your data or compare one set of data to another more easily. Converting a chart to an image Charts take up a lot of disk space and can take a long time to be displayed in a report. As long as the chart isn't bound to records, you can convert a chart to an image, which takes up less space. However, after you've converted the chart, you can't edit it. To convert a chart, select it, and then choose Change To, Image from the Format menu in Report Design view. In a report, a chart is an object just as a text box or a label is. You can set properties to control which data a chart displays and to modify the chart's appearance. For example, a chart has a Row Source property that's set when you select the fields to include in the chart. You can modify the Row Source property for a chart in the Query Builder, adding or deleting fields or entering selection criteria.