Presenting Data with Reports 2. 379 3. 4. Create a query that relates the Tasks table and the MarketingCampaigns table. Using the New Report dialog box, select AutoFormat:Columnar as the report type and the query you created as the report's record source. Open the report in Design view. Use the Sorting And Grouping dialog box to group the report's data by country, also adding a group footer for the Country field. In the Country Footer section, add a text box and enter an expression that counts the number of tasks for each campaign. Create a subreport based on the Comments table, and then insert this subreport into the main Tasks report. (You can also use the SubReport Wizard to create and insert the Comments subreport.) Using the Tasks report you just created, create a filter for the report that shows only highpriority tasks, or create a filter that shows only tasks that aren't complete.