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Chapter 10. Presenting Data with Reports > Controlling Report Layouts with Prop... - Pg. 370

Presenting Data with Reports 370 Two other report properties you might use from time to time are the Page Header property and the Page Footer property. These properties specify when a report displays information in the Page Header or Page Footer section. You can set these properties to All Pages, Not With Rpt Hdr, Not With Rpt Ftr, or Not With Rpt Hdr/Ftr. With the setting Not With Rpt Hdr, the report will not display page header information on the page that displays information from the Report Header section. The final two settings apply the same behavior to the Report Footer section or to both the Report Header and Report Footer sections. Quick Check Q. Which property do you use to keep redundant detail data from appearing in a report? A. The Hide Duplicates property. Numbering the Records in a Report In some reports, you might want to number the records displayed in the report or in one of the report's grouping levels. In the CountryDetails report, for example, we could number each product entry, as you see here: