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Chapter 10. Presenting Data with Reports > Controlling Report Layouts with Prop... - Pg. 369

Presenting Data with Reports 369 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. When you set a control's Hide Duplicates property to Yes, the data in that control isn't displayed for a record if the record's value is the same as the record that precedes it. In a sense, by setting the Hide Duplicates property to Yes, you can group records in a report without using a group header or group footer section. If you preview the Country Details report at this point, you'll see the name of each country listed only the first time a record with a distinct value for Country appears in the report. With the report still open in Design view, click Sorting And Grouping on the View menu. In the Sorting And Grouping dialog box, click the Country row (although the report isn't grouped by country, its records are sorted by that field). In the Group Properties area, select Yes in the Group Header property box and Yes in the Group Footer property box, and then close the dialog box. Move the text box for the Country field from the Detail section to the Country Header section. Click the Country Header section bar. (If the Properties dialog box isn't open, right-click the section bar, and then click Properties.) On the Format tab of the Properties dialog box, set the Repeat Section property to Yes, as shown here: 10. 11. The Repeat Section property controls whether the information in a section is repeated on the next page when a group breaks across a page. In the CountryDetails report, with Repeat Section set to Yes, the name of the country will be repeated if a group of records breaks across a page. Click the Country Footer section bar. On the Format tab of the Properties dialog box, set the Force New Page property to After Section. You can set Force New Page to the values None, Before Section, After Section, and Before & After Section. When you print or preview a report, Access will display section data on a new page, following the setting you select. (The Keep Together property in the Sorting And Group- ing dialog box is another property that you can use to keep grouped data together.) The New Row Or Col property controls where a section break occurs in a multicolumn report. Click the View button on the toolbar to display the report in the Preview window. You'll see that a country's name appears once on each page that contains records for that country and that a new page begins after the summary data for a country.