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Chapter 10. Presenting Data with Reports > Adding a Subreport to a Main Report - Pg. 366

Presenting Data with Reports 11. 12. 13. 14. 366 If the Properties dialog box isn't open, right-click the subreport control, and then click Proper- ties. On the Data tab, open the list in the Source Object property box, and then select Re- port.TasksSubreport. Click in the Link Child Fields property box, and then click the Build button. In the Subreport Field Linker dialog box, shown here, Access selects CampaignID as the field by which to link the subreport and the main report. Click OK. 15. In the Properties dialog box, the Link Child Fields and the Link Master Fields properties are set to CampaignID. Resize the control for the tasks subreport so that its width is about the same as the subreport for expenses. Also, adjust the position of the subreport controls so that their labels are clearly displayed. For the tasks subreport, click its label, and enter Task summary. Change the label