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Chapter 10. Presenting Data with Reports > Working with a Report in Design View - Pg. 346

Presenting Data with Reports 346 In the Sorting And Grouping dialog box, you indicate the fields by which data will be grouped in a report and how to sort the report's records. The bracket icon beside the row for Country indicates that the field defines a grouping level. The report also sorts records by ProductName, but this field doesn't define a grouping level at this point. You can define as many as 10 grouping levels in this dialog box. (You can define only four when you're using the Report Wizard.) Each grouping level can have its own sort order. Information such as a caption or a label that you add to a group header appears before a report's detail data; the information in the footer appears after the detail data. Group footer sections often contain calculated fields that show a subtotal or a running total. Click in the row for ProductName. 5.