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Chapter 10. Presenting Data with Reports > Working with a Report in Design View - Pg. 344

Presenting Data with Reports 344 In the next set of steps, we'll modify a report that lists the products sold in each of the countries where Northwind has customers. The report also shows the quantity ordered for each product. The report is grouped by country, sorted by product name, and shows only detailed data--an entry for each order made by a customer. We'll describe how to modify the report so that it shows summary data and how to group the data by product as well as by country. We'll also provide some tips for formatting a report's controls. At any point within this procedure, you can view how the changes you make to the report affect its appearance by clicking the View button to display the report in the Preview window. Modify a report in Design view 1. 2. In the Database window, click Reports in the Objects list, and then select the report named ProductsByCountry. On the Database window toolbar, click Preview. Click on the report in the Preview window (or click the Zoom box on the toolbar) to view the report at 100 percent. You should see a list of the products sold in Argentina, as shown here: