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Chapter 3. Managing the Consistency, For... > Fixing Referential Integrity Errors - Pg. 78

Managing the Consistency, Format, and Integrity of Your Data 78 Fixing Referential Integrity Errors When little or no data has been entered into tables with a relationship for which referential integrity is being enforced, the data will conform to the rules as you enter, update, and delete data and create the other table relationships you need. Sometimes, however, and especially when you are importing data into Access from another source or converting a database that hasn't been designed or main- tained carefully, some of the data in tables that you need to relate to one another might not conform to the rules of referential integrity. As an example of data in a related table that doesn't conform to referential integrity, close the Hel- loWorld3 database, and open the file ReferentialIntegrityTest.mdb in the Chap03 folder at the lo- cation where you copied this book's sample files. Then follow these steps. Explore referential integrity 1. On the Tools menu, click Relationships. In the Relationships window, you'll see just the two tables we're using in this exercise:.