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Chapter 3. Managing the Consistency, For... > Using the Input Mask Wizard - Pg. 93

Managing the Consistency, Format, and Integrity of Your Data 93 5. 6. Each zero at the start of the mask requires that a number between 0 and 9 be entered. You can't enter any letters in this part of the mask, and you can't keep one of these values blank. You couldn't, for example, enter the date 1-Sep-69 . You need to enter 01-Sep-69 . Each L in the input mask's middle string (> L < LL ) means that a letter from A to Z must be entered. The greater than sign (>) before the first L converts any lowercase letter entered to uppercase. You could enter sep , and the input mask would convert the data to Sep . The less than sign (<) before the second and third L s converts any uppercase character to lowercase. With this input mask, all month names will be three-letter abbreviations such as Jul . You won't see July or JUL in your data. The final two zeros again require the entry of a number between 0 and 9. An underscore is used as the placeholder character in this input mask. You can specify a different character to use if you want. Click Next, and then click Finish. Save the MarketingCampaigns table, and then open the table in Datasheet view. You'll see the following records: