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Chapter 3. Managing the Consistency, For... > Indexed Property - Pg. 89

Managing the Consistency, Format, and Integrity of Your Data 89 5. 6. 7. 8. In the first empty row in the Index Name column, enter Expense Type . You don't need to use a field name as the name of an index, but doing so might help remind you how the index is used. In the Field Name column, select CampaignID. Move down one row in the Field Name column, and then select ExpenseType. (Don't enter any value in the Index Name column for this row. The list of fields following the name of the index are all included in the index.) In the next row in the Field Name column, select AmountSpent. The Indexes dialog box should now look like this: 9. Close the Indexes dialog box, and then save and close the CampaignExpenses table. Just the Steps Create a multifield index 1. 2. 3. Open the table with the fields you want to index in Design view. On the View menu, click Indexes. In the Indexes dialog box, enter a name for the index in the Index Name column.