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Chapter 3. Managing the Consistency, For... > Field Size Property - Pg. 84

Managing the Consistency, Format, and Integrity of Your Data Field Size Setting Replication ID Decimal Description Globally unique identifier (GUID), a 16-byte field that is a unique identifier used when replicating a database 84 Numbers from -10 38 - 1 through 10 38 - 1 in an Access project file (.adp), or from -10 28 - 1 through 10 28 - 1 in an Access database file (.mdb) Access uses Long Integer by default, which provides plenty of flexibility. For a field that stores product quantities sold by the dozen or in units of 10, you could use Integer or even Byte. Choosing a field size that allows for the smallest range of numerical data you need in the field provides the same performance benefits as using a smaller field size for a text field. Setting the Field Size property to the smallest size possible is a good design principle, but it can produce problems. For example, open the HelloWorld3 database again, and then follow these steps. Change the Field Size property 1. 2. 3. In the Database window, select the MarketingMaterials table, and then click Design on the Database window toolbar. Click in the Headline field. In the Field Properties area, change the Field Size property from 255 to 50. Close the table, and click Yes when asked to save changes to the table's design. You'll see the warning shown here: