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Part IV: Maintenance and Security - Pg. 614

614 Part IV. Maintenance and Security Maintaining a database is often an everyday task. You need to back up data frequently, for example, to prevent the possibility that you will lose critical information. Maintaining a database might also require administrative tasks such as setting options so that the database can be used by more than one person. If you are working with a multiuser database, you might also decide to implement da- tabase replication-that is, create a set of databases that can be used independently and then synchronized so that each database in the set stores the same data. In the first chapter in Part IV, we'll cover these and other topics related to maintaining and administering an Access database. In the second chapter in Part IV, you'll learn the details about Access database security. Securing a database requires careful planning and a thorough knowledge of who will use the database and how you and the other users expect to work with the data. Even if you are designing a database for only a handful of people or just yourself, you should consider what security measures you need to build in. Although the chapter about database security is the last in the book, security should not be the last topic you consider when designing a database. Deciding how you'll use Access to secure a database is a process you should follow at each stage as you develop the database.