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Part IV: Maintenance and Security > Implementing Security - Pg. 646

646 Chapter 19. Implementing Security In this chapter, you will learn how to: · · · · Assess Security in Access Implement user-level security Understand permission types Secure your database by hiding objects and removing code In a world that has become more and more connected, the issues of security and privacy have emerged as two of the main concerns for those who work with data. The threat of viruses, worms, and hackers in addition to concerns related to protecting users' personal information have forced software developers, as well as users of desktop applications like Access, to think more seriously about security. Certainly the level of concern in protecting data is directly related to the type of data being stored--storing credit card information might demand a greater level of security than, say, storing an inventory of gardening tools. Still, there is truth to the idea that if data is worth storing, it's