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Chapter 18. Maintaining an Access Databa... > Creating a Partial Replica - Pg. 639

Maintaining an Access Database 639 6. Because the replica set we've created includes only the Design Master and one replica, only the option Directly With Replica is available in this dialog box. In a replica set with more than one replica, you can use one of the other options to synchronize a replica set. In the list below Directly With Replica, notice that the Design Master is selected. You could choose another replica that you wanted to work with from this list as well. Click OK in the Synchronize Database dialog box, and then click Yes in the message box informing you that the database will be closed prior to synchronization. If synchronization is successful, you'll see the message box shown here: 7. Click OK in the message box to open the database again. On your own, you can experiment some more with the simple replica set we've created. For example, in the file Replica of HelloWorld_be.mdb, you can't create a form or report because this replica is not the Design Master for the replica set. You can't make changes to the design of the tables. (When you select a table in the Database window and click Design, Access displays a message saying you can open a read-only version of the table.) Open the Hello- World_be database (the Design Master), and you'll see that the changes you made to data in the Marketing Campaigns table are reflected in this database file as well. Create a simple form in the file HelloWorld_be.mdb, and then synchronize the replica set. When you open Replica