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Chapter 18. Maintaining an Access Databa... > Setting Options for a Multiuser Data... - Pg. 630

Maintaining an Access Database 630 Managing a Multiuser Database In Chapter 4, "Importing and Linking to Data," we split the HelloWorld database to create a front- end/back-end database. One reason to split an Access database is to set up the database so that it can be used by more than one user more easily. You can store the back-end file on a network computer that all users can connect to and provide copies of the front-end database file for each user on his or her workstation. In this section, we'll describe some of the concepts you need to understand and implement when you manage a multiuser database in Access. We'll explain options you need to work with to manage changes to a multiuser database and also considerations for whether and when you need to convert an Access database. If the users of a database don't all have the same version of Access, you need to use a file format compatible with an earlier (or a later) version of the program. We'll cover one of the most critical aspects of managing a multiuser database--security--in Chapter 19. Setting Options for a Multiuser Database In Chapter 17, "Using Visual Basic to Manage Data," we reviewed the LockType property of an ADO Recordset object, which specifies when in the process of updating a record the record is locked. You can use optimistic locking, which locks records when changes are committed to the database, or you can use pessimistic locking , which locks a record when the record is first edited. The Advanced tab of the Options dialog box, shown in Figure 18-3, lists options related to record locking for an entire database as well as other options related to managing a multiuser database. Some of the important options to consider are listed here. In a back-end/front-end database, you would set these options in the back-end file, which is the file that stores the actual data. If you were using a single .mdb file, you would set these options for that file.