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Chapter 18. Maintaining an Access Databa... > Backing Up an Access Database - Pg. 616

Maintaining an Access Database See Also 616 For more information about action queries, seeChapter 9, "Extending Your Use of Queries." In the following sections, we'll describe three database maintenance tools that come with Access --the Access backup feature, the Compact And Repair Database command, and the Performance Analyzer. You can use these tools as part of a maintenance program for all of the Access applica- tions and data you work with. Backing Up an Access Database Making a backup copy of an Access database is a straightforward task. It is essentially the same process as using the Save As command to save a file with a new name. Even though backing up an Access database takes only a few steps, the reasons you should perform this task frequently are plentiful. Having a current backup helps you prevent the loss of data as the result of a disk or other hardware failure, file corruption, the loss of network connectivity, and other hazards, including theft, fire, or a similar event. Here are the steps you take to back up an Access database. Create a backup copy of an Access database 1. Open the HelloWorld_be.mdb database, which is the back-end database file we created in Chapter 4, "Importing and Linking to Data." This file should be located in the AccessInside- Track folder, where you copied the sample files for this book. If you did not follow the procedure to create the back-end database earlier in the book, open the file HelloWorld18_be.mdb (which is a copy of the back-end file), located in the Chap18 folder. We are backing up the back-end database in this procedure because that is the database file our data resides in. If you are working with a split database, you should back up the front end